Our expertise encompasses all aspects of design build with a primary focus on house plans and commercial buildings. We go an extra mile to ensure that the spaces inspire a warm and satisfying feeling for occupants.

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Project management

We provide design build services: construction services, professional scheduling, project management support, and procurement management

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Building information modelling

We produce three dimensional visualizations using BIM Applications which provide a comprehensive account of the proposed house plans or building designs. In addition, the team seeks to provide 4D planning services on request – This encourages a more comprehensive design build approach, and reduces the amount of error on site.

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We provide exceptional construction services to both residential and commercial clients. Our design build abilities extend far beyond the conventional mind and explore possibilities which prove to be imaginative and challenging, yet feasible.

Being a startup firm, we bring together over 18 years of experience nonetheless, providing you with informed design build solutions. The team not only has experience in construction services but also in the field of project management.

Awards have been won in the fields of architecture and project management, all of which are testament to the team’s desire for excellence. Tase Design Inc is determined to ensure that all clients are truly satisfied, and a proactive approach is employed towards delivering our design build and construction services.

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Feel free to contact us if you would like to patronize our house plans, design build and construction services. Our team will provide you with a quotation upon request as soon as requirements are established.

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